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Wash Me
Cleanse Me
Purify Me
I am Renewed, Refreshed, Rejuvenated
Your Power Impacts Me
Fills Me
Heals Me
I Welcome You
Rain On Me!
A Sprinkle, A Mist, A Storm
I welcome you,
I hear you on my window
And at my door
I welcome you
And all you represent:
I welcome you
I accept your Purpose
And Will for my life
Rain on me…

As The Seasons Change, So Must We


Rae Luvs 2 Write- Special Autumn and My Birthday Edition!
As the Seasons Change, So Must We!

Happy Fall Everyone! And Happy Birthday to Me (Friday)! Today is the official first day of Autumn. Where I live, it has been looking and seeming like Fall for about a week now. Lots of rain…and gray skies…I was starting to think that it was Winter with all of the gray, but by the time I would get dressed and go outside it was still hot…and some days cool. Just getting us ready for change. At first, I was resistant. I must confess, I slept in (late) a few days because of the rain…I just couldn’t snap out of it or into it…I’ve been thinking…isn’t this what life is like sometimes? Different seasons in our lives?…sometimes changes occur rapidly. Other times, change is slow. Regardless of how we may feel about change, it is the only constant in our lives even when or if it doesn’t look or feel like it. As for this current season we are in, for farmers this is harvest time for corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice, the chief Native American staples, all the things we love to eat during this time of year! So tell me, what are you harvesting in your life? A new season, no matter which season, is the beginning of some things and the ending of others. So what is new in your life? Sometimes you can’t see it yet because it is not quite time. For example, just because today is the first day of Fall doesn’t mean that all of the leaves will be a different color tomorrow. So whatever the seeds are that you have been sowing in your life, do not give up on them. Since we are in the harvest season, there is plenty of time for these things to sprout and grow into fruition. Embrace this new season of change!

Now how about your love life? Now you know I’m not going to leave you without commenting on love in this new harvest season. Are you having a love harvest? If not, again, keep watering those seeds. Here is a quick guide to love in any season; We’ll call it Rae’s Quick Seasonal Love Guide:

Fall = Fun, Football, Friends

Winter = Cozy, Cabin Fever, Cuddling

Spring = Flirty, Flowers

Summer = Playful, Pool Parties

Let me know what you think!! Or if you have suggestions for loving and finding love in any season (Particularly this one).

Speaking of Summer, now we must say goodbye. So here’s an Ode to Summer to help us welcome in the new season.

An Ode to Summer
By India Arie
Goodbye summer hate to see you go
I wasn’t ready for autumn wind to blow
So lonely
We had a fine time holding hands in June
Warm in a sunshine watching love in bloom
Where are you now?

My heart is frozen in this place
waiting for another summer’s day
to bring you back my way
Hello winter, watch the swirling snow
I didn’t have a blanket for the cold
So lonely now
My heart is frozen in this place
waiting for another summer’s day
to bring you back my way
I’ll be waiting under the poplar tree
anticipating when you’ll come back to me
in the spring, in the spring yeah
Hello summer kiss from my old friend
been such a long time, tell me how you’ve been
so lonely now
My heart is frozen in this place
waiting for another summer’s day
to bring you back my way

Goodbye summer hate to see you go

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