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Your "Singledom" is Not a Curse! It’s a Blessing!


It’s starting to make sense to me now… one of the many reasons for the oversaturation of Single Sistas and Brothas (ages 26-34+). I believe that We are the last of a dying breed. Our singledom is not a curse. The World needs saving! And the youth! There’s so much work to be done! Being married could hinder your work. Paul was on to something in 1 Corinth 7:25-28. Basically remain as you are, married or unmarried. Live to do God’s Work! vs 25 “Because of the present crisis, I think that it is good for you to remain as you are”. The “Cosby Ages” have ended. We can work to restore that; fighting against unseen forces, but it takes Man and Woman to truly be on board with one another.


In Love with Love (2010)


I am in love with love…

I don’t want to be…

I do but I’m so afraid…

Maybe this time, it will work

Are you here…

Should I write about you like the others

Why are you here?

Am I forcing you to be

Us to be…

Are you that reflection of me?

I am in love with you…

The idea of you…

The idea of us…

Could it really be

I feel like giving up on love


I want you…

Make this go away

If it’s not true

I’m not this open

I want you in every way

Not just physically

But mentally, spiritually and emotionally

How do we get there?

I think we’re almost there

Work with me…

Flow with me

I feel you

Connecting with me

Are you scared of this love thing?

Let’s see how far we can go…

Love, love, love

I am in love with love…

How to Be Happy Exactly Where You Are!


Just a lil Sumthin Sumthin… 😉

How to Be Happy Exactly Where You Are in Life!

Each day is a new day! Learn from the mistakes or mishaps of yesterday. This is the way to keep moving forward in life and to cultivate a happy life; an inner contentment no matter where you are (geographically); regardless of your income level; or even marital status. Learn to be happy exactly where you are in life; and whatever you don’t like about your life or circumstances learn the best ways to go about changing them. Take baby steps because some things do not change over night. The best and most lasting changes take time and so much effort. Cultivate effort, change, and happiness each day. Do not beat yourself up about yesterday; or even failed relationships or even failed job situations. Move forward into tomorrow with a positive outlook and work to get the best out of each day. And some days, just take it easy and relax. You can be happy exactly where you are in life today!

Happiness really has to come from within. What makes you happy in life? You have to decide this for yourself. Can you still be happy on your worst day or when things don’t go your way? Sometimes, you just have a good day and other times you have bad days, but you have to choose happiness. Today was a good day for me. Why? Well, some things went my way. At times, things come along that feel like struggle, but when those things begin to resolve you can do nothing but be happy and filled with joy! We would like everyday to be like this, but the truth is sometimes life will test your endurance and ability to cultivate your happiness. For some people having a love life makes them happy, for others it is their children, and for others maybe it is their occupation. Maybe for some it is a combination of it all. Can a person truly have it all? I believe so, but I also believe that this takes some work. We have to decide what makes us happy, and what are we living for or doing in life to cultivate that euphoric state of happiness!