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Twin Flames: Meet Katherine and Brody


I was blessed to be in the presence of such a beautiful young (twenty-something) couple today; Kathryn and Brody.  We were only working together a few days before I began to notice how similar they are.  So today I said to Kathryn, “you guys remind me of each other”.  I mean even from the way they talk and even how they look (in appearance).  They are also two of the most beautiful people individually and when they are together.  They appear to be two evolved souls when they are together and apart.  Interestingly enough, they are both English majors in school; go figure.  They are also prone to attracting homeless animals together, with the consideration of “healing” or “taking in” these friends from God.  They have been dating for about two years and are happily engaged.  Their presence together is so powerful that I even felt myself “blushing” just to think of the love they share with each other.  There is really something spiritual about being with your “other half”.  Now this is not to say that they are perfect as Kathryn stated, “we are not perfect”.  They get on each other’s nerves sometimes; which happens in every type of relationship.  No two spirits are alike, but they come together to complement each other.  They are “one” and come from the same Source, but one is male energy and the other female energy.  I was elated to witness such young love that was pure in heart and Spirit. 

Being around this couple made me reflect on my Twin Flame.  Is a Twin Flame, Soulmate, other half found in each Lifetime?  Just because you find this person does this mean that you get to ultimately be with this person?  Or do you wait until next lifetime like Erykah Badu?  Lots of questions here huh?  The two Souls must evolve individually, and sometimes work through some major barriers before finding one another and finding their way back to their Creator.  There is a huge purpose for the meeting of two evolved Souls.  A life purpose; there is work to be done in the Earth.  So in fact, it may take several lifetimes before they actually figure out this “thing called life”.  This is why the “Journey to Self: Journey to Love” is so relevant to life.  There is a reason to live.  Not just to have fun and enjoy the pleasures of life; which is also a nice benefit to living, but to really work.  Why was I created?  This is a major question of life…

A Twin Flame, a Soulmate is here to assist you in answering those questions…they are here to help you figure it out as they figure it out…and they assist you back to your original Spirit state…and to God.  God is the “One”…and You, male or female energy, plus your Soulmate’s male or female energy is equal to the One.  This is why we are in search of the One who is God (within and without…as it is within so it is without).  In this life and Earthly realm at times we get it confused.  Your Soulmate is not God…you are not God, but together you exemplify the energy that makes up God, the One, the male and female energy that is God.

God works!  And we are here to work!  We play, we learn, we evolve, we work!  Sound easy?  Sound fun?  Well, it’s not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as we make it.  The objective here…if you come into contact with this person, don’t take it lightly.  People have always told me “you will know”.  Hmm…each day, especially since my encounter with him (the male version of me)…I surely believe that…you will know.  You can look this person in the eyes and see yourself.  They will mirror you back to you.  They will teach you…they will learn from you…they will grow with you.  Until the work is complete…in this lifetime or the next…

Think of the couples who inspire you…it could be your parents or your grandparents approaching fifty years or so of marriage.  Can you see yourself growing together with someone in that capacity?  At the age of 20 or 30, who really knows who the One is?  It could be someone from your childhood…we’ve all heard the stories…”after college he or she found me” or even check out the movie called the “Time Traveler’s Wife”…the man traveled from one century to the next but continued to make his way back to a little girl…who grew up to be his wife…Is your mind blown yet? Ha ha…mine is.  The truth…we don’t know what’s going on in other realms unless we investigate them.  Do we really want to know?  Are we afraid of the truth?  What about the man who visits me in my dreams (him)? Is this the other realm (lifetime) taking place?  Makes you go hmm…

The lasting relationships of those we admire took time to grow into that life-long loving commitment; I imagine met with some growing pains depending on what happened before they came together.  Despite any barriers, the outcome is beautiful.  A life of love; working together or raising a family together; whatever their purpose has become.  When it’s all said and done, they chose love.  I choose love today!  Love of God, love of Self, and love of Others!

Today’s lesson also brought me to the remembrance of, 

Soulmate 4: The “Friend” (Pisces) (Ever-Present) –He is not to be confused with the friend who is “like a brother” or that would be incest.  LOL!  He is very nurturing and always there when I need him.  He is very similar to the “Husband” material status; works hard and plays harder.  He knows me and appreciates me.  I have met his Mama (smile).  He’s one of my fans and here to cheer me on in any of my wild and zany endeavors.  He loves me more than I even give him credit for or realize.  He tries to figure me out while continually figuring himself out.  He gives me my space and freedom to truly be me without casting and judgments or orders of how I “should be” upon me.  We respect each other.  He is a blessing.  We can hang out and kick it with the crew; or we can just “be” together out on the town or at home chillin’.  He appreciates his space as well too.  He does not chase me down out of fear that I don’t want to spend time with him or am not calling him; etc.  We have an understanding.  When someone is your “friend”, you don’t have to question the relationship…it just IS…let it BE.  Let LOVE be…and that’s when you know love…                    



Interracial Dating, Cougar Life, and the Sexual Energy of 22 yr/o Men



Long title for an entry I know…It could probably be a book within itself.  Initially, this was supposed to only be about interracial dating, but I had such an exhilarating weekend that I needed to include all topics.  So here goes.

As the weekend comes to a close and I contain the spirit of Sexual Goddess “Blanche Devereaux”, you remember our Golden Girl, Rue McClanahan, as well as other sexy Cougars; Samantha from Sex and the City; Mariah Carey; Demi Moore; and “Ms. Berry Ms. Berry”, who we all know as Halle; I have to reflect upon my own Goddess energy which has recently created an influx of young male attraction.  Lawd, I must be glowing or something!!  LOL!  Pure Self-Love in full effect and taking flight…the almost 30 vibe and loving it!!        

As you know since May 1st I’ve shed at least 15 to 20lbs, which was the goal for my 30th Birthday on September 25th.  Well weight loss brings with it an exuberant flow of confidence, which we all know is very attractive and sexy.  I just didn’t know that dropping 20 would draw in sooooo many men.  Whew!  I’m overwhelmed!  Oh and not just any men; 22 year old men!  Mercy!  I feel like “fresh meat” all over again only with some wisdom this time.  I mean they are black (African-American); they are white (of European descent); heck they are even of mixed race descent (like I don’t know the ethnic background), which I believe we all have “something” in us if we were born and raised in the heart of what we now know as America. 

All I know is that I’m feeling like “Rae the Cougar”, more so in theory not practice; for all you scholars.  And for the non-scholars, it just means that the Youngins have caused me to really consider this whole Cougar thing, but I haven’t actually begun practicing the ideal.  LOL!  (just keeping it PC…politically correct)  Let’s just say that the flirting with the idea has really been fun and entertaining.  I honestly feel 22 again.  (smile).  One of my young white boys told me I was “vibrant”.  (He actually has a very strong energy…whew I can still feel that…lol).  I think they even forget that I’ll be 30 next month.  Ha ha!  It’s cool though.  These young 20 something males have such a powerful energy.  They just draw me in…lol…there is something to be said again about Soul connections.  You can feel how they supersede the physical realm.  The Soul is who we are outside of this body.  We all look very different outside of this body than in this body.  I’m sure we all look identical outside of this body…possibly.  What does Spirit look like?  Just think about that for a moment.  The most racist person is obviously out of touch with what is and has happened on a Soul level.  Hmm…makes you think…

We are all approaching a new level of consciousness as the world continually evolves…so it’s not a surprise that I can connect with the consciousness and energy of the 22 year old male (despite race), if he is an open-minded and free Spirit such as myself.  I’m thinking that Spirit knows no age…I do know that love is blind so in turn love is ageless (so no more trying to figure out Ashton and Demi or Nick and Mariah).  I’m learning that any situations that I’ve previously misjudged, I’m being confronted with; and I’m totally okay with the learning process.  It feels good.  And I just love new experiences and sharing them.  

For so long, some Sistahs have been giving some Brothas such a difficult time about their choice to date outside of their race.  I used to be one of those women.  Angry, single, black woman; well not anymore. Some of my best friends and favorite people would not be alive if it were not for interracial dating, mating, and relating.  As I began to release that hatred, I also began attracting my own interracial dating experiences.  Sure there are a few cultural differences, but there is also so much to learn and share with each other.  Now we all may have a preference for who we would like to marry and bring home to mom and dad.  The truth here is that, whomever you prefer to bring home, is who you will bring home.  That’s really all I have to say about that one.  I have a long list of the characteristics of who I would like to bring home…all the way down to even a preference in race.  However, I happen to enjoy the company of men and meeting even culturally different ones.  I have not stepped foot outside of this country yet, but have been afforded the opportunity to meet and mingle with such diverse people.  I feel blessed to have encountered these experiences; that some people may never have because of fear or any other personal barriers they may possess. 

In honor of this post, check out a scene from one of my favorite movies, “A Bronx Tale”.  Ha, my family used to say that I looked like Jane back in the day.  Oh and how I used to love me some “Tom Anstey” when I was a little girl, but only my grade school friends know about that love connection.  Where is Tom today?  lol!!

C, had just learned that you only get 3 “great ones”…Soulmates maybe?  So I guess Jane was one of his great ones!  🙂   Click on the youtube link below.

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Soulmates: The Epilogue


 “Journey to Self: Journey to Love” is my comprehensive “dissertation” on love in life.  It is through self-critique, self-evaluation, and self-realization that one can make a journey through what can sometimes appear to be a complex love life.  Knowledge of self and self-love are the keys to a healthy life and healthy relationships.  The most important relationship that we can ever have is the one with Self.  When we are balanced within, we can attract a balanced mate.  People will always mirror to us what we don’t always notice about ourselves; the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

When my Mentor first told me this, it went way over my head.  It all makes sense to me now; especially when you begin to follow a Divine Path and start listening to your Higher Self (the God within).  You honestly don’t have to look for love…it is within…that which you feel you lack will be lack (missing)…if you know that you are love and come from love…you will always have love and won’t have to look.  (That was inspired by Dr. Wayne Dyer).  You must be satisfied with self, but also have a teachable Spirit and be willing to learn from others.  What I’ve learned is that “religiosity” is going to keep people from True Love (God).  There are some “rules” that can be followed for disciplinary matters; however, true love is guilt free and able to walk in the Abundance of Love, which is God.  “God is Love”.

I believe that I have several Soulmates out there.  Alexyss K. Tylor says “you have many Soulmates, but only one Twin Flame”.  Now here’s a concept that most cannot fathom.  My Mentor’s Husband suggested this to me at one time; again, it went way over my head.  The truth is, on a subconscious level, we choose our Soulmates and experiences.  These experiences have already occurred in another realm; so good or bad, we have somehow attracted various experiences into our life as we know it.  Our Soulmates can also be derived from our past lives, which may include some unfinished business with these individuals.  Next time you meet someone, simply ask in your head or out loud, “What did you come to teach me?” “What do I need to learn about myself from my encounter with you?”  We are free to decide how to handle these experiences and how to move forward into a life filled with love, peace, and joy, which is our true Godly, Godlike nature.  The opposite end of the spectrum is our dark nature.  At any given time, we have the ability and power to choose which nature we want to exist within us.  I favor the lighter, happier side of life, but at times, the dark side will creep in and this is the result of not being in balance.  We have to balance the spectrum in order to live the good life that we desire. 

Soulmate 1
:  My supposed “Twin Flame” (The Beginning)- He helped me start this book “Journey to Self: Journey to Love”.  He is difficult to tack down.  He’s a gift to the world, like a “Star” or a light for all.  He’s almost “just like me”.  We even look alike.  He intuitively knows me (scary)…even finishes my sentences.  He’s psychic and loves children (Libra)…aw…especially his own.  

Soulmate 2:  The “Husband” Material (Cancer) (The Middle)- He looks excellent on paper and is sharp as a tack!  He’s fine and cleans up well!  He’s aging gracefully.  This is the one to bring home to Mama.  We call him “Mr. Big” because he has it all; except me.  LOL!  He’s been around for a few years, but caught me off guard while on this journey.  He’s also a “light” who is kind of difficult to pin down.  Actually, he’s a little secretive like me; his inner circle is very tight; yet he’s a Social Butterfly; same as me.

Soulmate 3:  The “Superstar” (The Tail)- He is a world traveler (Sagittarius).  He gets around.  He has that “Diddy Swag” and is a true Entrepreneur.  You can’t put him in one category though…he’s just a “Hustler”.  He is ambitious and unforgettable.  He truly desires to settle down; but not until he sees and touches the world (which he’s already doing) with those “Amber” colored eyes.  He’s the $5 million dollar man (with a plan) who aspires to move to an island or somewhere secluded to enjoy his money and all his accomplishments.  I may plan to join him.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says that a Soulmate is a person who “teaches you the most”…and “that you can’t get rid of them”.  They can be family members or Sister-friends and play-brothers.  Again, I have several Soulmates.  So who will be the lucky winner?  Who will steal Dr. Rae’s heart and put some “bling” on the finger?  I and the world await the answer.  He may be none of these three.  Maybe it will be my “Youngin”; oh I will update you on that later.  All I know is I plan to be happy with or without a man. 

I AM Love…I’m filled with Love…it overtakes me and surrounds me…I give love abundantly as it is given unto me…I choose love.  One way to choose is to learn to live without that which you desire.  Detach and it will overtake you…