Monthly Archives: October 2010

Valuing Relationships


Today’s topic may become apart of my next book or a series entitled “Journey to the Abundant Life”.  Now that I’ve conquered the 20s and have moved into the 30s, there is more work to be done; while implementing the principles of Self-Love.  A major factor of self-love is going to include creating an abundant life for yourself, your family, and for generations to come; (if you are currently not experiencing the life you desire).  You are connected to an Infinite and Resourceful God if you are a Believer.  This is an Awesome fact and Discovery!!

Sure we all know this, but are we really experiencing the benefits of this well-known fact?  How do you experience or become connected to the Abundant Life?  By staying connected to an Abundant God…How do you stay connected to an Abundant God?  Through your relationship with God or you may call it your relationship with the Universe…both equal to the same Source in my book…God the Creator; God the Universe; God who is Love.

Love is Abundance and abundance just like love is within…so we must remain connected.  You have to connect the best way you know how which means being in constant communication (some call it prayer or meditation) with God and with Self.  Constantly seeking opportunities for Wealth by using our gifts and our talents that come from our Creator.  Some things we can learn to master and others are our innate abilities; things that we are good at doing.

I was thinking the other day that we can compare our relationship with God to our relationships with our friends and loved ones.  If God is able to provide us with the abundance that we need to live, then don’t you believe that it will be given unto us?  Sort of like with friends and family…if I have something a friend or family member needs, don’t you believe that I would give it to them…(if I have it) and expecting nothing in return…this is love in full operation!  God is the exact same way…However, (dun dun) lol!! 

There are times when we experience blocks in our relationships with God, Self, and with family and friends.  Do you think it’s proper to only call someone up when you need something?  Being that they are your friend and they care for you, they will help you out if they can.  There are also times when maybe your friend will not help you out.  How would you feel if your friends only called you when they needed something instead of just to say hello or find out how you are doing? 

Sometimes, I think God feels the same way…you more than likely wouldn’t do things for people you don’t know…unless you are the ultimate wealthy Saint…no one wants to feel taken advantage of.  We must begin to place a high value on the time we are spending in relationships with God, friends, and family…so that if we are ever in some type of need…they won’t feel as though you are taking advantage of the relationship.  Think of how you can begin to place more value on your relationships…especially the one with God and the Universe.  Is it a good relationship?  Do you communicate daily?  Do you simply enjoy the moments of peace and quiet with God?  Or do you only approach God with your hand out in dire need.  As we connect, re-connect, or remain connected to God and the glorious Universe let us meditate on how we can just enjoy and continue to discover the beauty of the relationship.  The little blessings along the way.  Let us be grateful for every little thing that has been provided to us and watch the BIG Blessings begin to overtake us…just like love…one day at a time!!