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Divine Timing: God’s Timing



Even the Clock is surrendering to God's Timing!

Last night I met with a new Sister Circle; it was a divinely created opportunity to fellowship with an old friend and one new friend.  During our meeting, we exchanged information about the current states of our love lives, and did our best to give each other objective feedback.  There was a constant theme that emerged as we discussed the special men in our lives.  That theme was “timing”.  God’s timing.  Timing is everything in life.  Sometimes you can be late for events, on time, or early.  Well in each of our situations, we realized that we were a little early.  As believers in the Most High God, who knows exactly what we need and when, we decided to surrender all and everything regarding these situations.

I’m thinking what a great way to end my book.  My journey is far from over; it is in fact just getting started.  The Journey to Self: Journey to Love is not a one time event.  Yes, it is a series of events that I’ve displayed here, but all those things that happened in the love relationships of my twenties were just preparing me for what’s ahead.  Now, the real work begins.  The test is whether or not I practice what I preach.  I will definitely be using my own book as a resource for the journey.  I have a special love in my life, but actually the relationship is only a seed because its current state is not exactly where I want it to be.  I’ve learned through it all the art of surrendering and detachment.  Detachment is not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s actually safe.  It means that I choose to take care of my own heart and my own needs before I try to give my all to a physical man; who is only flesh like me.  Yes, he has a spirit, but his spirit can never replace the spirit of God. 

Often as humans, we become addicted to the tangible; what we can feel, see, hear, and touch.  We have to learn to feel, see, hear, and touch God as well.  God is always there waiting for us to search Him out.  To become so filled with His love that no situation cannot tear us down, and you know that we (women) are some emotional creatures!  No matter what our love life looks like; no matter what our finances look like; no matter who has hurt us in the past; we learn to operate in love at all times!  Love of Self, Love of Creator, and then we are better able to love others the way God intended. 

I am excited about the future!  God’s Word says, “I know well the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.  I have decided to trust God in every aspect of my life.  So when “Boo” is not acting right, who do I turn to?  You know who it is!  God the Creator is just like a Mom or a Dad; saying, “hey, I’m the one who birthed you out, how dare you not spend any time with me, or question my timing, or what I’m doing in your life”!  God knows what’s best.  He’s always working things out for our highest good.  It is in our surrendering everything to Him, even our own desires, will He then step in and give us a life filled with so many blessings of which we’ve never even dreamed.  I don’t know about you, but I’m trusting God with my life and my love life.  Always, always trust God first, keep God first, and not man!  God is the only Source that can fill the void in your heart so fill up on God before you try to love on anyone else!  God will protect your heart if you stay in the palm of His hand…