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Love Coaching


What is a love coach?  Me!!  LOL!!  As you know, I am preparing for my first book release…January 2011 here we come!  I’m very excited, and I know that I’ve kept you all waiting long enough, but of course; there were so many changes that were taking place within me.  I am learning to practice what I preach and begin taking my own advice!  For real, that’s why I need a Handbook!  So my next conquest is going to be the Self-Love Handbook.  It may sound absurd to some, but my Spirit says there’s a real need. 

As I coach others on the journey to self-love, please know that I’m also coaching myself…so hey, get my free advice while you can.  LOL!  I may not always be free ya know!  I gotta eat and live and pay bills and stuff!  🙂  So I wanted to share something that just came to me today.  And y’all know I give it to ya straight, live and real!  Feel free to copy this down or e-mail me at for a complimentary copy of this so that you can print it off!  This is Self-Love Exercise 1, and it will become apart of the Self-Love Handbook.  It is also up for discussion if anyone wants to share their experience of going within and digging deeply to uproot those past hurts.  Free therapy!  Now who could ask for more!  

In order to prepare ourselves for our future mate, if that’s who we desire, we must really work on releasing the past and learning how to love ourselves and work on what we want to change or dislike about ourselves.  I love you all!

–Dr. Rae ❤

Self-Love Exercise 1 

 It is time to go within…

 Reach deeply inside of yourself and dig…dig up old hurts…dig up the past…breathe in…dig…breathe out…release it!   

Doesn’t that feel good…do this at least 10 times (or less)…slowly…breathe in as you dig…and breathe out…to release…

Now let’s do some journaling… 

How can I really release the past? 

What can I do differently in the future to protect myself in relationships with others?

 How do I see myself? 


What can I do to better love myself?

How can I put myself first and make sure my needs are met?

What do I want from a relationship that I can’t give myself? 

Do I want from a relationship or am I willing to give to a relationship?

Am I healthy, whole, and complete without a relationship?

What are my highest ideals and aspirations for myself?

How can I begin to work towards my greatest ideals of myself?