Monthly Archives: February 2011

Happy Un-Valentine’s Day!


Try not to be alarmed by my negative title…but in honor of Valentine’s Day approaching on Monday, I decided to write to you guys because it’s been so long. So much yet so little going on in Dr. Rae’s world. No, I don’t have a Valentine…yeah, me, myself, and I. There was this one guy that I was into, but sometimes I hear from him and sometimes I don’t; so I decided that Valentine’s Day just does not excite me this year…and I’m supposed to be the “Love Doctor”. Anywho, I’m sort of on a sabbatical. I didn’t plan this one, but I just don’t like anyone right now…it’s really all about me. My life is about to change when the month of May gets here. I’ll be graduating from the University of Arkansas; so I’m really at a turning point. I finally get to end my Career as a Student, but of course I’ll never stop learning.

So much to celebrate…and so much to look forward to in life…Where is life going to take me? And where do I want my life to go? I’m still editing the contents of my book…please be on the look out for it some time this Spring! So my goal for Valentine’s Day is to officially submit my book on that day. A present to myself! I should be able to finish the editing this weekend since I obviously have no plans. You know, being single really isn’t all that bad, but every once in awhile it would be nice to spend some time with someone who I like and who really likes me. You know someone who is around to add something to my life and not just to take away.

I think this sabbatical from Men is Divinely Ordered. You know God has a way of showing us that really, He is all we need at certain times in our life. It really gives me so much time to figure out my next steps in life…and that all that I truly desire in a relationship is worth the wait. Do you all agree? What are your Un-Valentine’s Day thoughts? It’s time out for settling in love. I’m not hating if you have a man/woman or date or booty call for this weekend or Monday, but still…I’d rather be alone than with someone I don’t like or someone who is trying to use me…hey, maybe you are just using the guy *wink*…we all go through different phases in life. But, I am going through a maturity period…and a booty call is not on my agenda these days…

Happy Un-Valentine’s Day to You! And remember above all else, celebrate and love on yourself!

Here are a few things I like to do to love on myself…probably for Valentine’s Day too:

1) Take a bath…when is the last time you just relaxed and soaked in a nice warm bath, maybe even with bubbles?

2) Give yourself a pedicure…whew…my dogs could use some attention right now…you know it is Wintertime…they are being neglected.

3) Cook yourself a nice dinner and dessert…you deserve a little indulgence!

4) Curl up on the couch and watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book.

5) Just relax…and think about your ideal relationship or type of guy…just think…maybe he’s somewhere thinking of you too…ask God to send this man! (LOL!) We know that prayer works…but we trust in Divine Timing!

‘Til next time…Take care of yourselves!