Single & Ovulating: Post Menstrual Depression or Let’s Get It On?


Now that I’m 30 there are so many more topics I can be very candid about; especially as I continue to study life, love, and myself.  So today I’m here to discuss Post Menstrual (Period) Depression (PMD).  We’ve all heard of PMS, but what about this touchy subject which concerns the time after a menstrual cycle when you ovulate.  Does this sound like you?

 1)      You are ready to “Get It On” like Marvin Gaye.

 2)      You don’t have a boyfriend (Man) or Husband, and because of feeling so good and extra on the inside, you are ready to get it on with the next man who walks by.

 3)       You are irrational (not even thinking clearly) because your body is saying one thing (it’s time to pro-create) but your mind is saying…you’re single and you’re 30, and you’re ready to settle down so having sex with the next man who walks by (animal instinct) would not be a great idea.

 4)      You are frustrated (depressed) because you really want to get it on, but not with just anybody; not the new guy; not the old guy; and not with the young guy who doesn’t practice safe sex; because you decided to stop taking your birth control pills since you’re not getting any…nights like this you wish you were married or at least in a serious relationship.     

 So, what do we do in the event of days like this…

 As I type this quick note, I’m actually on my way to take a very hot bath…I need to get my mind off of procreating…LOL!! So that my irrational body-mind does not try to sleep with the next man walking by…It’s perfectly natural to feel how you feel because hey, your body was designed to pro-create “be fruitful and multiply”, but in our human minds especially now that the 20’s have ended…we must be clear about bringing our desire of not wanting to be single into manifestation.  So here’s what you do on nights like this…

 1)      Take a hot bath.

 2)      Call your girlfriends and vent about the men you are “dating” or don’t presently have access to…discuss the fact that you are ovulating, but not quite ready for children or more children…and how you no longer want to be single especially on nights like this.

 3)      Randomly text your “boo” or all of your boos…past and present…this will help to alleviate the depression…and maybe clear up mis-understandings of why they are no longer in your life…I am way more confident and aggressive when I’m ovulating.  Go Figure!  Like a Lioness!  LOL!

 4)      If your boo is long-distance, be grateful for multi-media messages, but also be careful because this type of “freaky” picture sending may only frustrate you and him.

 5)      If you just can’t stand being alone during this week of being “fertile” and ready to make babies, you have my permission to make that booty call!  Can you believe the Love Doctor is giving you the okay?  OMG!  For heavens sakes, it’s natural so don’t condemn yourself.  Just be extra careful about who you decide to hook-up with.  a) Definitely don’t make it the next man who walks by…unless he meets your criteria.  b) You may want to call the guy who you know only wants to have sex with you; unless it’s already an unhealthy relationship that needs to end.  c) Please don’t call the under-aged young man who has been hitting on you and wants to treat you like “Stella”…you haven’t lost your groove yet, you are only 30 or so…d) Protect yourself…especially if you don’t want a baby or an STD by a “random” guy.   

 Okay folks…this is my keep it real topic of the day!  Take a big *sigh*, read a book, find something positive to do if you can avoid making any booty calls.  This too shall pass…and as long as you desire not to be single…it will manifest in due time.  Meanwhile…take care of yourself!

 –Love ya! 

 Oh yeah…and the men don’t have to know that you are ovulating unless you tell them…they will wonder why you are being extra flirty or have an attitude…not getting any works both ways…I’m sure we all prefer the flirty side!  😉  

 *Note- “Relations” is not always the equivalent of a “Relationship”; so know what you really want before you decide to make that call!

 **Use these guidelines once a month until you meet your “Mr. Right”, or you are ready to conceive; whichever occurs first! 🙂


About Dr. Rae

Raechel “Dr. Rae” Rivers was born, raised, and currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. She has enjoyed creative writing since childhood, but her love of writing grew even stronger during her college years. “Dr. Rae” prides herself on being able to convey such “real” messages about the journey of love. Her words, racy at times, are what some readers need to hear; would not otherwise say, and appreciate for truth and honesty about love-life situations. “Journey to Self: Journey to Love” is her first self-published book printed by Authorhouse. She completed an Ed.S., Educational Specialist degree, in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in 2011; and is a world-renowned Writer, Entrepreneur, and Love Coach. Her life's mission involves encouraging women and young women of all ages to “work on you and love yourself just the way you are”. Raechel’s book, blog, and message on Self-Love have gained national and international popularity. As a result, she founded Embrace Enterprises and Publishing in 2012 to teach youth and adults about Self-Love and pursuing their purpose and passions. Her company’s motto is “Embrace You; A Lifestyle to Be You”. Additionally, Ms. Rivers also offers workshops on Writing, Publishing, Entrepreneurship, and one-on-one Love Coaching Sessions. She believes that “love is a journey where you go searching and ultimately find yourself”.

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  1. Wonderful post, Rach!! It touched dead on what I’m feeling/going through at this moment in time! Keep the good advice & tips coming!

  2. Glad I’m not alone! I was at Starbucks tonight eyeing every man I saw. I read also that we are more attractive to men during this time. I need a husband stat!

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