New Project: The Self-Love Handbook


Hey All!

I am very excited about preparing for my new career and life purpose!  My job as a Career Student is coming to an end on May 14th; and I’m very proud of this accomplishment!  No, it’s not a Ph.D., which I initially set out to attain, but sometimes life has a way of taking a different direction from what we plan.

I’ve always wanted to be an Entrepreneur; and discovering my life purpose path along this journey has been rewarding thus far.  I am your self-proclaimed “Self-Love Advocate”.  These life lessons on love have prepared me for this position.  I have also always enjoyed writing…and acting as sort of a therapist amongst friends.  So Love Coaching it is! 

In an effort to get started down this new path…I’ll be working on the Self-Love Handbook as a follow-up to the “Journey to Self: Journey to Love” (due to release in June) book of my thoughts, poems, and love-life experiences.  How do we truly love ourselves?  Do we really know how?  Some people portray that they do, but their actions do not always line up.  I am definitely a work in progress; and I feel as though we all need to take some time off to really assess our personal love walk.  Love of Self; Love of God; and Love of Others.  The Self-Love Handbook will be a simple guide on making that assessment and taking an inventory of your personal love account.  It will be geared toward single people; but also for those in love relationships and/or marriages because no matter what type of relationships you are involving yourself in, the interactions will always be a reflection of what’s going on inside of you.  The goal is to maintain harmonic relationships within yourself, with your environment, and with others. 


It’s about balance…

As it is within (internally), so it will be without (externally)…everything from our home environment; to how we conduct our jobs (or the type of job we have); to our relationships with others is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us.  We have to be right or feel good within and about ourselves in order to manifest harmonic relationships with others; including family, friends, co-workers, and intimate love relationships.  We are in a constant state of expelling energy by our mere presence.  Our mental, emotional, and spiritual state will emanate from us positive or negative energy.  The state of our inner being, healthy or not, will have an affect on our relationship with our environment and those with whom we interact…

Like attracts like…

We want to be in a constant state of attracting positive life and love experiences, but it begins within…

How do I love myself?

I eat right…I live right…
I’m good to myself and my body…
I create my own happiness.
I am love… 



About Dr. Rae

Raechel “Dr. Rae” Rivers was born, raised, and currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. She has enjoyed creative writing since childhood, but her love of writing grew even stronger during her college years. “Dr. Rae” prides herself on being able to convey such “real” messages about the journey of love. Her words, racy at times, are what some readers need to hear; would not otherwise say, and appreciate for truth and honesty about love-life situations. “Journey to Self: Journey to Love” is her first self-published book printed by Authorhouse. She completed an Ed.S., Educational Specialist degree, in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in 2011; and is a world-renowned Writer, Entrepreneur, and Love Coach. Her life's mission involves encouraging women and young women of all ages to “work on you and love yourself just the way you are”. Raechel’s book, blog, and message on Self-Love have gained national and international popularity. As a result, she founded Embrace Enterprises and Publishing in 2012 to teach youth and adults about Self-Love and pursuing their purpose and passions. Her company’s motto is “Embrace You; A Lifestyle to Be You”. Additionally, Ms. Rivers also offers workshops on Writing, Publishing, Entrepreneurship, and one-on-one Love Coaching Sessions. She believes that “love is a journey where you go searching and ultimately find yourself”.

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