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A Purpose Driven Life: My Book Release


Hey Everyone! 

It’s official!  My book has been released on the Authorhouse website!  I feel great!  This is a wonderful personal accomplishment.  Thank you so much for being such avid readers and followers who inspired me to actually compile the book.  As you know, “Journey to Self: Journey to Love” is a collection of my poems, experiences, and perceptions on love and relationships.  Currently, I am basking in the glow of this achievement; and wondering where my new path is going to lead me.  I am very humbled to be able to embrace my journey; my message; and my ministry.  It is my hope that others will be inspired to challenge their own journey through life and love and similarly evaluate it in a reflexive way. 

I always state that I’m a work in progress…and I believe that each day is a day for self-improvement, development, and learning when living a purpose-driven life.  So what’s next?  I’m just ready to bring the message to my community, peers, and beyond in the way that God sees fit!  It’s about me, but it’s not!  I am only a vessel!  This is the work that I’ve been assigned to do in this present time.  The journey continues…stronger, wiser, ready, and available to be used by my Creator.  And I say Thank You!!

Here are the links to the AuthorHouse website and Barnes and

Additionally, I will be participating in a Bloggers Competition on  Please become a member and support my latest endeavor at  If I am selected as one of the Top 5 Finalists, you will be able to vote for me in August!  Thank you everyone!  My Profile name is Rae30.  My latest blog post on there is on living a lifestyle of Faith entitled Keep the Faith!


ManGagement Ring: Are You Serious?


The other day I was watching the local St. Louis news; and there was a story about the “ManGagement” Ring.  Apparently, this is a practice that has been going on for some time amongst more affluent couples according to one of the local jewelers.  Now you can call me an old fashioned girl regarding how I feel about this ideal.  Although I consider myself to be very progressive in my approach to dating, proposing marriage to a man is where I draw the line.  The Word says, “He who finds a wife…” and you know the rest…Now I’ll admit there are ways to insinuate what you want from a guy whether it be food; affection; going out on a date; money; etc; and maybe even marriage…but getting down on one knee?  No, please pick up your self-esteem and security Sister! 

What is happening in the way we date these days?  Technology has already changed the game; leaving us with less time to properly communicate and actually build relationships with substance via texting, Facebook, and Twitter.  ie. (the virtual booty call)  Are women becoming this desperate for a man?  For a spouse?  Whatever happened to the “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Little Mermaid” love stories?  Am I delusional to still want to see my fairytale dream proposal/wedding come to fruition?  Or are we really products of the Barbie/Ken generation?  She had so much money she could buy her man…kind of like Oprah and Star Jones…idk! 

I have been far removed from TV as of late, but I heard some woman proposed and bought a ring for Jim Jones.  Wtf?  If I’m buying a ring, it won’t be for such a scruffy looking man.  LOL!  And did homegirl just happen to buy him a ring with his own money? Lmao!  Who does that?  Rich women I guess…so ladies, do you really feel, as one woman on the news put it, that the men should have on something that shows they’re taken (about to get married)?  Or can we stick to the traditional value that the woman wears the ring because she is his prize; and it doesn’t really matter whether he wears one or not? (Because he’ll just be a Bachelor up until the night before the wedding).

I refuse to propose; and I like to believe that I’m secure enough to not require my future man to wear a “ManGagement” Ring.  If he’s sincere in wanting to make that loving commitment and not just marrying out of obligation, then he’ll wear his ring in his heart.  A ring is only a symbol which some people (men and women) defy daily.  Even society doesn’t seem to remember what the symbol stands for…are we really all about status and/or cost of the ring more so than the true values of the relationship?  Enter Kim Kardashian and her lavish engagement ring and wedding plans.  Does it mean you love me more because of how much the ring costs or how big it is?  No!  A true loving relationship and commitment has no price tag…and it seems that rings are for show (since not many value its symbolism these days).  I’m just sayin…     

Summertime, Summer Love, Go With the Flow…


So I just finished grilling my long-distance “Boo”, who I recently saw a few weeks ago.  While driving to the airport, “Do you have a girlfriend?  Do you love me?  Are you my boyfriend?”  So elementary right?  What’s wrong with asking?  First, he looks at me like, “woman, you are crazy”, then simply says, “if I had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t be here with you”.  (uh huh *rolling my eyes*)  And “you never ask someone if they love you, because people can say anything.  You have to let people show you with their actions”.  Aw, such a sweet response…(Duh!)  We all know this right?  We both agreed that a person isn’t going to say no.  You really do need to allow things to unfold naturally instead of trying to force something to be.  I told Boo that I know that he loves me…of course he smiled and walked away.  Now, the verdict is still inconclusive as to whether or not I have a “boyfriend”.  You know men usually shut down after question #2.

He believes I’m crazy; and I’m so freakin’ quirky y’all.  I don’t think he knew that.  Lol!  Will Boo still love me flaws and all?  I guess we’ll see…  Little does he know, this experience is continuing to add to my Self-Love development.  Insecurity is never attractive.  You can get a pass for not really being as cool as someone may have thought you were; but if you find yourself asking the type of questions I did often, then that can be a turn off.  Once is good enough just to see what page you are both on; because no one wants to waste their time with someone who doesn’t intend on being in a serious relationship.  It’s different if you only want to play around though.  I always say trust God’s timing…seek the truth and it will be revealed.  Today’s lesson, a person’s actions will tell you what they don’t say…enjoy the Spirit of fresh summer love and remember to protect your body and just as importantly, protect your heart…