A Purpose Driven Life: My Book Release


Hey Everyone! 

It’s official!  My book has been released on the Authorhouse website!  I feel great!  This is a wonderful personal accomplishment.  Thank you so much for being such avid readers and followers who inspired me to actually compile the book.  As you know, “Journey to Self: Journey to Love” is a collection of my poems, experiences, and perceptions on love and relationships.  Currently, I am basking in the glow of this achievement; and wondering where my new path is going to lead me.  I am very humbled to be able to embrace my journey; my message; and my ministry.  It is my hope that others will be inspired to challenge their own journey through life and love and similarly evaluate it in a reflexive way. 

I always state that I’m a work in progress…and I believe that each day is a day for self-improvement, development, and learning when living a purpose-driven life.  So what’s next?  I’m just ready to bring the message to my community, peers, and beyond in the way that God sees fit!  It’s about me, but it’s not!  I am only a vessel!  This is the work that I’ve been assigned to do in this present time.  The journey continues…stronger, wiser, ready, and available to be used by my Creator.  And I say Thank You!!

Here are the links to the AuthorHouse website and Barnes and Noble.com



Additionally, I will be participating in a Bloggers Competition on Beliefnet.com.  Please become a member and support my latest endeavor at http://community.beliefnet.com/  If I am selected as one of the Top 5 Finalists, you will be able to vote for me in August!  Thank you everyone!  My Profile name is Rae30.  My latest blog post on there is on living a lifestyle of Faith entitled Keep the Faith!


About Dr. Rae

Raechel “Dr. Rae” Rivers was born, raised, and currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. She has enjoyed creative writing since childhood, but her love of writing grew even stronger during her college years. “Dr. Rae” prides herself on being able to convey such “real” messages about the journey of love. Her words, racy at times, are what some readers need to hear; would not otherwise say, and appreciate for truth and honesty about love-life situations. “Journey to Self: Journey to Love” is her first self-published book printed by Authorhouse. She completed an Ed.S., Educational Specialist degree, in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in 2011; and is a world-renowned Writer, Entrepreneur, and Love Coach. Her life's mission involves encouraging women and young women of all ages to “work on you and love yourself just the way you are”. Raechel’s book, blog, and message on Self-Love have gained national and international popularity. As a result, she founded Embrace Enterprises and Publishing in 2012 to teach youth and adults about Self-Love and pursuing their purpose and passions. Her company’s motto is “Embrace You; A Lifestyle to Be You”. Additionally, Ms. Rivers also offers workshops on Writing, Publishing, Entrepreneurship, and one-on-one Love Coaching Sessions. She believes that “love is a journey where you go searching and ultimately find yourself”.

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