Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Journey Continues…


My, how I’ve been neglecting my blog, and Lord knows I need this writing therapy!  Where to begin?  For starters, “Journey to Self: Journey to Love” has taken flight and is soaring and saturating the country from StL to AR to Oklahoma and beyond.  For that I’m grateful!  Am I still single?  Why, yes!  LOL!  So what!  The book chronicles my life as a single woman attempting to figure out life and love in my 20s.  So what’s in store post-30?  Has the dating scene changed?  Not exactly…but I have…we should all be in a constant evolving state.  It’s a life-long thing.  If you stop learning, you stop growing.  Life definitely has something new to teach you everyday; although there is nothing quite new under the sun.  The older folks say, “keep livin” and that’s what I’m doing!  I’m embracing all that I am and all that I hope to be.  Enjoying the pathway of a writer, yet still desiring to make an impact in an institution of higher learning.  That big break job is on the way; but meanwhile, I continue to write. 

I’ve enjoyed the ride thus far.  I’ve made a few appearances on local talk (radio) shows; set-up a few book signings; traveled down to my Alma Mater, Langston University’s Homecoming; hosted my own event with featured panelists, “Do You Love Yourself or Are You Playing Yourself?”; and I am a contributing writer for a new magazine, “Wuzup”,   Life is being good to me; I’m blessed with supportive friends, family, and networks of people I’m meeting.   


So what is going on in my love life?  Where is the juice?  I recently wrote a guest blog post for my friend at, “Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead It’s Just Evolved”.  On this entertaining piece, I mention that Boo hasn’t really said we are a couple, but doesn’t want me to date other guys.  Where do they do that at?  Hmm…so what is the Love Doctor to do?  Am I his “Bottom Bitch”?  Y’all know me…I keep Boos on deck!  I’m just sayin…this type of $h1t happens everyday!  A woman makes herself available to only one man, and bam; he winds up marrying someone else!  This is risky business people!  I loves me some Boo *wink*; and he continues to remain nameless (you know who you are).  Boo is living in a whole other city.  Working and playing I’m sure; because if he really wants to be with me, why doesn’t he just make it happen?  Ya know?  I’m just sayin…So, I’ve continued to meet plenty of potentials, pimps, and playas; but who is serious about settling down these days?  I just haven’t met him yet.  How long does it take to position yourself for someone who is serious about settling down. 


Am I too much of a playa myself?  (That’s what my high school boyfriends have revealed to me now that we are grown, which is why those relationships didn’t last.)  Is this why I keep attracting these types of men…and what do I always say…it starts with self…maybe I like the game…it’s the energy I put out there.  But I’m just being me…a complex, fun-loving individual.  Right now, I’m happy with me.  Now, I have met a few serious dudes in my day…LOL!  Like I’m so old right?  When a man is serious and ready, believe me, there is nothing that will keep him from lockin’ a woman down…and this I know for a fact…I usually run from those types…smh!!!  Lil Mama you gone learn one day! *talking to myself*