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Interracial Dating Is the New Black!


Interracial dating is the new black; trend; black woman.  Yep, I said it!  For the past decade or so, we have given Brothas such a difficult time on their decisions to date outside of their race; well not all Brothas made that decision.  The argument has been that black women need to test the waters and look for love beyond the black community as well.  There is nothing new under the sun and interracial dating, mating, and relating is definitely not new; however, with the energy of the Earth’s evolution we are beginning to see more people make “the swap” as one brother, a friend of mine, put it.  So why are Sistas, myself included, such a hot commodity; most coveted yet most exploited?  How can society, the media, build us up and tear us down all in one breath?  She is the mother of all.  There is no denying history or DNA for that matter.

We are all one people; you know we 80s babies are a special kind.  We grew up singing “we are the world”; and our 90s babies are truly the rebels seeking the truth and using our digital world to continue the we are all one under a religion of love message.  God, our Creator, is love!  Who is going to be left behind in this truth seeking movement?  Anyone holding on to old ideals, religious orders of control, darkness, or evil; spreading lies about who we are and our potential power through Christ Consciousness.  The power to be, have, and do; to be all that we can be; but not in the army.  I’m just saying; the war within will not end; but can be mastered.  Principles must be applied for the achievement and attainability of who we can be as a society as a whole.  It is going to take the power of love to do this.  The power to ascend, and we need all people despite race, religion, or creed in order to accomplish the goal. 

How does Dr. Rae fit in with all this love talk?  I remember about 10 years ago my Aunt advised me to go get me an “other”; but she has lived in San Francisco at most twenty years where multicultural dating practices are widespread.  I was living in rural Oklahoma at the time and attending an HBCU (Historically Black College and University).  The chances were slim for me to look for or attract someone outside of my race; let’s just say I was living in a box of chocolates. 😉  Presently, I never thought that I’d encounter cultural love collaborations in segregated St. Louis; not where I’m from.  We lived in the same neighborhoods; we went to school together; we worked together, church, etc; but you weren’t bringing an other to the Senior Prom or Homecoming Dance.  (You would think I was talking about the South, huh?)  My how things have changed; and now that I’ve been back home for about nine months, I see that we still have a long way to go.

I represent the black woman who is studying the religion of love.  There is something new to learn everyday.  How does this relate to dating?  Well before as I mentioned in my book Journey to Self: Journey to Love, I had a long laundry list; those characteristics, race, height, and credentials of who I wanted to bring home to my parents.  But I must say that in the true religion that is love and with an open mind, the laundry list has gone out the window.  How about just desiring a man who was created to love you?  So will he show up short, stumpy, and green?  LOL!  Maybe…but yet he is beautiful…2012 has been filled with many love surprises, I must confess! 😉  My mission was not to find or attract someone outside of my race, but a couple of someones showed up for me to be able to tell you that love will find you…and that it can show up unexpectedly in a packaging that you weren’t looking for.  They say that “love is blind”…yes, it should be…we must see with our heart and with our eyes of faith or we will miss the sole (soul) purpose of our religion of love!

So interracial dating is the new black woman because she realizes her worth; and that any man of any race who can appreciate all that she is, and the depths of her soul and spiritual beauty, is worthy of her gifts; his gift from God.