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Just last week I was perusing Facebook and ran across a beautiful image.  Immediately, I was captivated by the confidence, class, and style that leaped from the page!  I became inspired to present to you my “Self-Love Girl” of the Month, Ms. Liza Wess!

Liz_1022-1_2As you know, this month I’ve been promoting the “Importance of Self-Love” via Facebook and Twitter.  I realized that this journey is not only about me, but it’s about you too.  My goal is to connect with women and young ladies everywhere and highlight real women doing real things.  How are we loving ourselves this month and this year?  And how can we learn to better love ourselves?  One key is to stay inspired.  Tired of hearing about your everyday celebrities?  Well learn about my girl who hails from Detroit, Michigan.  She’s doing her thing and breaking the mold of the modeling industry!

After graduating college in 2006, Liza returned to her hometown only to find that the real world is equipped with real trials; such as job layoffs and other curveballs that life tends to throw.  She soon learned that in order to make a real living and enjoy her life, she’d have to become passionate about something.  Her “breakthrough moment” idealized itself to her just 7 months ago; Plus-Size Modeling.  Modeling had been one of her childhood dreams that she often set aside due to “criticism” from others.  Now at 31, Ms. Wess says that she has “nothing to lose”!  She decided to take that “one step” of faith.  On Thanksgiving night of last year, Liza told her cousin that she wanted to become a Plus-Size Model; and that night became a turning point in her life.  “God places the right people in front of you” when you “place Him first”, explained Wess.  Liza told me that there is “definitely a need” for more Plus-Size Models, and that it’s not just about making money.  She has become a positive role model for young, black inner-city girls “to see” her using her “faith” and doing what she wants to do.  She has already been well-received by the industry.  Ms. Liza has worked with international designers such as Ally Styles out of Toronto, Canada; and has also auditioned for Gwyneth Devoe, the CEO of NY’s Full-Figured Fashion Week.

liz3I asked Liza to tell me her personal definition of Self-Love.  She stated “you can’t have self-love if you don’t love yourself”; “you can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself fully” or accept yourself.  I concur with Ms. Wess.  This is exactly what I preach.  This is what Self-Love is all about.  Learning to accept and love yourself so that you can fully love others.  Liza plans to go as far as she can with her modeling career.  She wants “whatever God has” for her to grow.  Ms. Wess knows that there are many other avenues that she can break into that will stem from modeling including television and becoming an author.  What’s most important for Liza is giving back to the inner-city community where she grew up.  She wants to show the youth “something different”.  She is currently modeling part-time under Legacy Model and Talent Agency out of Lansing, Michigan.  Although she’s signed to an agency, Liza shared that “you still have to work”.  The agency helps her find casting calls for fashion shows and photo shoots, but she expressed the need to really “network” yourself and learn as much as you can about the industry.  Ms. Wess holds a full time job, but spends her weekends working on her modeling career.  I was interested in learning about how Liza really views herself.  She stated, “a scared little girl”.  Wow!  I commended Ms. Wess for her candid authenticity, and I could definitely relate.  She expressed that the people that we see on runways, in magazines, and pictures are not always who we think they are.  She said that they are not arrogant as some may believe.  Liza proclaimed that she is out there on the runway and that she’s “scared” but she’s “still gonna do it”!

liz2Additionally, I asked Ms. Wess about her dating life because you know I’m the Love Doctor.  As for dating and relationships, Liza is so focused on her career right now that she doesn’t really want to date.  “Relationships are hard”, she stated.  I agree.  She said that she goes on dates every once and awhile but she is busy learning about her new industry.  Her final words from our energetic interview for her fans and readers were “don’t let anyone ever take your dreams away”; and “put God first and in everything and it will come”.  “Stay strong and walk in the light”.

This young woman left me so inspired as I hope she has inspired you!  I’m so glad that I had the chance to talk to Ms. Liza Wess and experience her energy and joy that she has found in doing what she loves.  This is what the journey is about!  The journey to loving yourself and your life!  Most times you will have to go against the grain and even the voices in your head or from others that tell you that you can’t do it.  But you can!  You can be as Ms. Liza!  Confident, educated, beautiful, talented, and focused on what God has called you to do!

You can find Liza Wess at Plus Size Model Liza Wess on Facebook and on Instagram.

Also at her sponsoring boutique Sole Seduction Shoe Boutique.

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Introducing Liza Wess: My Self-Love Girl of the Month!