We all have a journey or a path that has been laid before us since we entered this world.  It is a God mandated journey, or else why would we be here?  We didn’t create ourselves; so it is our duty to find out or remember why we were created.  What were we born to do?  How can we contribute to the world we live in to make it a better place where all can live in peace and harmony?  This is a lofty ideal, but the truth is one day we will make our way back to our creator; God, the Source of Love, Abundance, Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Wellness, and Life.  I believe that it will be asked of us, “Did you do your part?”  “Did you complete your assignment?”  We may have many assignments or we may be assigned to many people, but ultimately, we must learn how to do what we were born to do. 

During my short 29 years of life, I’ve experienced so much about “love” and relationships.  I trust that we all have experienced our fair share.  What if your experiences and being healed from the lessons learned are apart of your assignment from God?  Now who signs up for heartache and pain?  Not one of us.  If these experiences can be used to help a younger generation or to help heal another, I’m ready to share.  I’m ready to do my part to help better another.  What I’ve learned about love is that it is a journey just like life!  Sure it hasn’t all been roses and it hasn’t all been heartache, but it has been a road that has led me back to my first love; God, my creator.  This is the refreshing part of the journey.  This is the part of the journey where all of Heaven and the Angels rejoice in knowing that we have remembered the One who first loved us.  There is no greater love.  So I say that, “love is a journey where you go searching and ultimately find yourself”.  You find the God that is within and the God who created you.  You remember what you were born to do!   


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  1. It’s a easy read. The poetry is great. It’ s the type of book that you can pick up and read over and over again. Keep writing the sky is the limit. Love Ya MOM

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