I’ve written a series of blog entries that I’m ready to share with the world beyond my blog site www.raeluvs2write.blogspot.com  and my Facebook page.  I’m ready to get these topics into print.  I’ve been inspired by my followers at www.twitter.com/raeluvs2write as well as my readers on www.facebook.com/FaithFulMillionairess .  The time is NOW!  I believe that God is calling me to rise to my next level and live out what I’m supposed to do.  The objective is to do my part in helping to heal women and young women from love relationship experiences.  The true healing begins by working on self and knowing that you are enough.  There is nothing you can do to force a mate into your life.  The best way to attract your mate is to work on you and fully love yourself.  Never settle for less than your worth; but first you must know your worth! 

Dr. Rae, the “Love Doctor”, is here to help; specializing in the journey to self-love as a full-time Love Coach.  It is my desire that the following readings and poems will be of assistance in the healing process.  Writing is truly my medicine, and I’m here to share.  I can be contacted directly at freeyourmindp3@gmail.com for any questions, discussions, or personal topics.  Thank you for taking the time out to travel this journey with me!


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  1. I love your spirit! and I am interested in getting a copy of your book to share in my circles! I will definitely place the book signing on my agenda of places to be! God bless your journey!


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